Sustaining Weight Loss

It’s now the middle of February and those of you who made New Year resolutions to lose weight and get fit should be well on the way to achieving your goals. I hope your journey has been successful and in this article I’d like to talk about sustaining weight loss which is THE most important […]


Weight Loss and an emerging 6 Pack!

A big weight loss and an emerging 6 pack in a very short time is an amazing result for our client Chris. He has kindly supplied “before” and “after” photos and written a testimonial, plus we’ve added a few words to offer more detail about how we helped him achieve his transformation. Chris’ Testimonial “After attempting and failing […]


January 2016 Diet and Detox.

It’s another New Year and newspapers, magazines and television throughout January are full of the latest diet plan and/or detox. They consist of the latest fad diets that nobody can stick to for more than a few days to the healthy eating recipe plans that are so time-consuming you’d need to retire or hire a […]


Christmas & New Year Holidays

Merry Christmas! It’s that time of year again! Christmas is almost here and after a busy and exciting year, we are taking a break to recharge our batteries and be ready to help our clients achieve their fitness goals in 2016. The studios are now closed and will be re-opening on the 5th January. We’ll still be regularly checking […]


Fall Prevention Article Just Published

I was delighted last week to receive a call from a journalist asking me what Five Star Fitness does about fall prevention for older adults. It’s such a vital part of independent living and really great to see that word is spreading about our specialisation in dealing with mobility and strength issues in an ageing population. […]


The Secret Weapon to Help Fight Cancer

I added an extra page to our Five Star Fitness website this week highlighting a new service I can offer in a very specialised area, exercise for people during and after cancer treatment. The page titled, Cancer and Exercise will give you some information but I wanted to share with you a little more detail about why I […]


Our Shiny New Website Is Ready To View!!!

Sound a fanfare! Wave the flags! Release the balloons! After lots of tough decision making, days and nights of typing new content, scrapping it all and then rewriting it again, our lovely new website is finally alive and ready to be viewed. What’s more, you are actually on it just now as the Blog is […]

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