Cancer & Exercise

cancerplus logoIn the past people who were diagnosed with cancer were told to get as much rest as possible but newer research has shown that it’s not only safe to exercise but positively essential. Exercise has been shown to not only improve quality of life and reduce the side effects of treatment, but also to reduce the risk of cancer returning and most importantly, increase survival rate.

Macmillan Cancer Support has highlighted research showing that cancer survivors who regularly exercise have:

  • About 40% lower risk of breast cancer returning
  • About 50% lower risk of colon cancer returning or dying of colorectal cancer
  • About 30% lower risk of men dying from prostate  cancer

The evidence is there for all forms of cancer but you might feel nervous about increasing physical activity particularly if you’ve never been active before. You might also feel too tired from ongoing treatment or simply not know where to begin.

This is where we come in.

How we can help

David with Cancerplus CertificateUntil recently, even if your oncologist, nurse or GP has said to become more active, as soon as you tell gym staff or a Personal Trainer that you‘re a cancer survivor looking for exercise guidance they are unlikely to have the specialist knowledge and will definitely not be insured to help you.

David is a qualified Cancerplus Exercise Specialist, specifically trained and separately insured to work with cancer clients. Our studios are always booked by appointment to give you total privacy and as every cancer is different, we feel that it’s important that you exercise on a one to one basis.

Who are Cancerplus

Cancerplus Exercise Specialists are a unique group of Personal Trainers in the UK and expanding worldwide with a complete back-up team of oncology nurses, nutritionists, physiotherapists and pharmacists. Every cancer and every treatment is different and the back- up team is there to advise the Exercise Specialist in every case.


We deeply regret that the Cancerplus network is no longer in existence. Without the network and back up of oncology nurses, nutritionists, specialist physiotherapists and pharmacists we feel that we can no longer offer the standard of service that’s required. We would encourage everyone who has cancer to contact the Macmillan organisation for information and availability of specialist exercise trainers and classes in the Glasgow area.

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