Functional Therapy

funcFunctional Therapy can help with rehabilitation of:

  • Back pain
  • Neck Pain
  • Frozen shoulder
  • Tennis elbow
  • Arthritic pain
  • Hip pain
  • Knee pain
  • Sciatica
  • Injury Rehabilitation
  • Stiffness and Injury Prevention

When you move there are many parts that have to move freely and in sequence. If one or more parts are stiff or moves out of sequence you will compensate but inevitably put pressure on another area of the body. This compensation often makes you move awkwardly and can easily lead to pain.

Through a series of biomechanical tests we analyze how your body is moving in order to find the actual cause of the pain or stiffness. Once we find it and change the way you are moving the pain or stiffness you were feeling simply disappears.

What is the advantage of Functional Therapy?

By treating the actual cause and not just the symptoms the problem is far less likely to return and you will move more easily, free from stiffness and pain.


  • 60 Minute session – £60
  • 30 Minute session – £40


I have been having shoulder pain for years on and off. I’ve been to several physiotherapists and I get massages every few weeks as I train at the gym using heavy weights. I initially contacted David, as he has been in the fitness industry a number of years, for a recommendation on who I should see. When he mentioned functional therapy I had no idea what it was. I was a bit dubious about it as I was experiencing real bad pain and thought only a Physio or osteopath could sort me out. Well, I’m glad I was proved wrong. I had a one hour session and I felt I was flying! I was so happy that I literally bounced out of his office! For the first time in a long long time I was able to raise my hands above my head without experiencing pain. I thoroughly recommend functional therapy and I’m glad I contacted David. No more sleepless nights and heavy doses of painkillers for me.  

Tracey, Newton Mearns

I’m not sure what ‘functional therapy’ means, all I know is that whatever it is – it works! I had been troubled with a niggling pain in one knee for a number of years. Nothing debilitating or which stopped me being physically active. It was simply annoying. The twinge was uncomfortable. David analysed the problem and suggested a treatment. It lasted precisely 60 seconds! The effect was immediate and after two weeks there is still no recurrence. Probably not all treatments will be so short, but for me this worked a treat. 

Robbie, Paisley

I was diagnosed with arthritis in my hands about six years ago. Having always been active I’ve tried not to allow it to stop me doing anything. However the swelling of some of the fingers plus the lack of movement and grip can make life difficult. The burning pain, particularly at night, is sore and often keeps me awake. I started going to one of Five Star Fitness’ exercise classes and mentioned the problem with my hands to David and he offered to have a look and see if any of his treatments would help. I can safely say that it’s been miraculous! My hands felt instantly better after the first treatment and, after just a couple of times, the swelling in my fingers started to go down. I’m not getting the burning pain waking me up at night, my grip and movement is much better and the skin is much looser around the finger joints. As the treatments continue, the effects seem to be lasting longer. I realise that my arthritis won’t ever be cured but if it can be improved, or even kept at this level, it just makes life so much more comfortable. 

Violet, Glasgow

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