Introducing the new Five Star Fitness Blog!

Introducing the new Five Star Fitness Blog!

frontIntroducing the new Five Star Fitness Blog covering all aspects of health and fitness, diet and weight-loss, the many different types of exercise and above all, busting the myths that surround all these.

By following our regular blog posts we hope you’ll learn that the mystery and confusion about how to lose weight, tone your body, gain lean muscle mass and enjoy a happy and healthy lifestyle is not really such a mystery but is made confusing by the media and the many companies out there trying to sell their own products.

So, I presume you’re asking, who are we to tell you what works and what doesn’t? Five Star Fitness Personal Training was started in February 1997 by me, David Sinclair and I was joined later by my wife Caroline. For many years before that we were both very enthusiastic (obsessive) exercisers so there’s a wealth of practical experience from both taking part and teaching. Over the years we’ve seen exercise fads take over the world, then disappear and the “best ever” diets become massively popular then totally disproved only to be replaced with the next “best ever” diet. Our thirst for knowledge is great and we enjoy keeping up to date with new studies and new skills but always keep a critical eye on things, new doesn’t always mean better and positive conclusions from one study are sometimes reversed a few weeks later.

We have a number of topics in mind for our first few posts. We’ll probably be casting a critical eye over diets, talking about vitamins and supplements, reaching out to the medical profession to widen their gaze and look at the bigger picture and we’ll look at the latest buzz around high intensity interval training.

If you have any comments about what we write we’d love to see them and discuss them with you. Do you have a topic you would like us to write about? Is there a question that’s puzzling you about fitness, diet, weight loss, weight gain, injury rehabilitation? Please let us know in the comments below.

Please remember, we are only voicing our opinion on subjects and don’t expect everyone will agree.

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