January 2016 Diet and Detox.



It’s another New Year and newspapers, magazines and television throughout January are full of the latest diet plan and/or detox. They consist of the latest fad diets that nobody can stick to for more than a few days to the healthy eating recipe plans that are so time-consuming you’d need to retire or hire a team of chefs to prepare the delicious calorie controlled meals once you’ve spent hours in the shops gathering together all the ingredients!

So what’s the answer to lose the extra pounds that most of the population have gained during Christmas and New Year?

Keep it simple and sustainable and the extra pounds will disappear plus you’ll not even realise that you’re “on a diet”. Evening meals during the week don’t need to be elaborate, cordon-bleu creations. Buy a chicken breast, piece of fish, pork or lamb chop, all can be cooked within 20 minutes. Add a few potatoes, boiled in 20 minutes plus some broccoli, carrots, cauliflower or other veg that will be ready in even less time and there’s your meal. Cut out the carry out food, cut out fizzy drinks. Cut down (don’t miss out) on chocolate, cakes, biscuits and crisps and there’s your weight loss plan!

If you’d like a slightly fancier meal at the weekend there are plenty of recipes available that are healthy and tasty without being high in calories.

Be sensible and above all, be realistic. Don’t make it complicated to follow…..unless you’re trying to write the next best seller diet book.

As regards Detox Plans, simply type “detox scam” into your search engine to find out that it’s all just a myth to make money from a population looking for a quick fix!

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