Our Shiny New Website Is Ready To View!!!

Our Shiny New Website Is Ready To View!!!

Sound a fanfare! Wave the flags! Release the balloons!

screenshot-003After lots of tough decision making, days and nights of typing new content, scrapping it all and then rewriting it again, our lovely new website is finally alive and ready to be viewed. What’s more, you are actually on it just now as the Blog is now an integrated part of the new site.

To be perfectly honest the new website has been alive for a couple of weeks but I didn’t want to announce it until it was totally complete and I was happy with everything I’d written. Then I woke up this morning and had a moment of realisation……….it will never be complete and it’s unlikely that I’ll ever be happy with the content I’ve written, so I should really tell everyone to go and look at it now or I’ll be planning the next website before announcing this one!

Why will it never be complete?

As well as the totally new design and navigation, our amazingly talented web designer at Purple Panda Media has given me full control of all the website content. Every single word plus all the images and videos screenshot-002can be changed as often as I want (2 pages completely rewritten last weekend) and I can even add new pages whenever we launch a new idea to help our clients.

I’ve already filmed some footage for new video content and have plans for more, plus I will be adding a few ideas to help our existing and potential clients reach their fitness goals. Between all the new ideas and rewriting the existing pages, this new website will always be changing to keep fresh and relevant and I hope you will visit regularly.

Why will I never be happy with it?

Clients that have had Personal Training from me know that I’m a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to exercise technique, always ensuring that they are achieving the maximum effect from every exercise they do and this tendency towards perfection extends to everything I do for Five Star Fitness. So whether it’s a new video, a totally rewritten webpage or just an edit of one or two words I am always wanting to ensure that my screenshot-001message is getting across to the people that matter, my clients and potential ones, in a clear and concise manner and without baffling everyone with technical jargon.

Strictly speaking I am delighted with the website and really love the idea of being able to make changes constantly but, as a perfectionist, I’ve never been completely happy with anything I’ve written so stand by for lots of changes.

Your chance to comment.

I’m happy to hear everyone’s comments. Is there a section that’s confusing? Can you navigate around the site with ease? Do you need more explanation of any of our services?

Please leave any comments in the section below.

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