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Our private Personal Training Studio in the southside of Glasgow close to Newton Mearns, Giffnock and Clarkston is available by appointment only offering total privacy during each session with just you and your Personal Trainer in the Studio. By choosing us to improve your fitness and body shape you’ll benefit from over 21 years of Personal Training experience and will always be exercising at an intensity to suit your fitness level whether that’s at the most gentle for the complete beginner or at the highest intensity for the amateur athlete.

Our Personal Training Methods

Over 21 years of experience has allowed us to watch many exercise fads come and go but rather than being seduced by the latest heavily marketed trend our Personal Training methods evolve through scientific research. We constantly update our knowledge through training courses and studies to ensure we can provide you with the very best service.

You start with a Free Initial Consultation to allow us to fully understand your needs and goals and then we can recommend the best method to reach your goal as well as designing an exercise programme that is specific to you. No two clients are the same so many of the exercises we use are invented by us specifically for you and the way you move. We often give you exercises to do at home between sessions to help you progress and offer 7 day a week support to keep you motivated and moving forward.


We have a dedicated page for this within the website but here’s a couple of excerpts from it:

After attempting and failing to curb my eating and lower my weight along with improving my fitness over the years with various diets and health kicks, I went to David for advice on eating and dietary assistance. He tweaked a number of things I was doing wrong and gave me advice on alternatives and I instantly found results, dropping around 20 pounds in under two months. I also take part in 1 to 1 TRX lessons twice a week and follow a home program which has given me further confidence that I can change my life style for the better. (See a “before and after” photo of Chris at the side.)

Chris, Coatbridge

 Prior to using your services I was overweight and unfit, but with the exercises you devised for me and your guidance on sensible eating, I have lost one and a half stones. I now feel much healthier and have more energy. Without your support I couldn’t have achieved this success.

Elaine, Clarkston

 I was on medication for osteoporosis before I started with David and now, after a mixture of weight training and Power Plate training, I no longer have to take the medication. Many things come and go in life but I won’t give up my personal training.

Alma, Thorntonhall



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Before and After Personal Training Photos of Our Client, Chris Chris before weight lossChris After Weight Loss Photo 
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