Power Plate Training.... Shorter Workouts... Faster Results!

  • Transform body shape
  • Increase energy
  • Lose inches
  • Strengthen core muscles
  • Burn calories
  • Build strength

All this can be achieved in regular 25 minute full-body Power Plate workouts that are designed for your specific needs. All Power Plate sessions are geared to your fitness level and constantly supervised by us to ensure correct technique and to achieve the best results as fast as possible.

Please watch the following short video of some of our clients in action and you’ll see Power Plate is NOT about standing and shaking, it’s all about DYNAMIC, effective workouts, whatever your fitness level. You’ll also find out how to get a FREE trial session.

How can I get faster results from shorter workouts?

It’s all about the technology combined with the knowledge of how to use it:

Power Plate Technology

Many people confuse Power Plate with the vastly inferior vibrating machines you might see in tanning salons or on shopping channels.  We use genuine Power Plate equipment with its innovative technology, originally developed to reverse muscle and bone deterioration in Russian astronauts returning from outer space. Proven by numerous scientific studies, that don’t apply to similar looking machines, Power Plate produces accelerated and very effective results.

Our Power Plate machines create a reflex action in your muscles, causing them to contract and relax many times per second (you feel this as a vibration) so every exercise you do has a magnified effect on your body. You get a complete, full-body workout incorporating stretch, balance, core, strength, calorie burn and massage in as little as 25 minutes, equivalent to 60 minutes of conventional gym exercise.

Power Plate Exercises


The Workout

Another misconception is that you just stand on it and shake but when you know how to use the Power Plate machine correctly and start moving, as demonstrated by our clients on our video, it will bring you really fast and noticeable results.  Just think of any exercise you can do in a bootcamp or other circuit training type class and then turbo-charge it with Power Plate’s advanced technology that wakes up more muscle fibres and will transform your body shape.

The Knowledge

We consider our knowledge and experience of Power Plate the most important element of delivering the best possible service.

As we are trained and qualified by Power Plate UK, we have a real understanding of the equipment and how to use it to achieve the best results for our clients. Furthermore, with more than 18 years of providing Personal Training and over ten years working with Power Plate, we have a massive depth of experience to draw on, with many clients of all fitness levels reaching their goals rapidly.

You can expect variety and innovation as we constantly devise new exercises and modify familiar ones to help you achieve the results you want as fast as possible, keeping your workouts fresh, effective and fun.

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