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Weight Loss and an emerging 6 Pack!

A big weight loss and an emerging 6 pack in a very short time is an amazing result for our client Chris. He has kindly supplied “before” and “after” photos and written a testimonial, plus we’ve added a few words to offer more detail about how we helped him achieve his transformation. Chris’ Testimonial “After attempting and failing […]


Our Shiny New Website Is Ready To View!!!

Sound a fanfare! Wave the flags! Release the balloons! After lots of tough decision making, days and nights of typing new content, scrapping it all and then rewriting it again, our lovely new website is finally alive and ready to be viewed. What’s more, you are actually on it just now as the Blog is […]


Introducing the new Five Star Fitness Blog!

Introducing the new Five Star Fitness Blog covering all aspects of health and fitness, diet and weight-loss, the many different types of exercise and above all, busting the myths that surround all these. By following our regular blog posts we hope you’ll learn that the mystery and confusion about how to lose weight, tone your […]

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