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After attempting and failing to curb my eating and lower my weight along with improving my fitness over the years with various diets and health kicks, I went to David for advice on eating and dietary assistance. He tweaked a number of things I was doing wrong and gave me advice on alternatives and I instantly found results, dropping around 20 pounds in under two months. I also take part in 1 to 1 TRX lessons twice a week and follow a home program which has given me further confidence that I can change my life style for the better. (See a “before and after” photo of Chris at the side.)

Chris, Coatbridge

‘I was suffering from upper back pain and stiffness and decided to try the TRX class at Five Star Fitness to see if it helped. After a free one to one induction session I started coming to a group class weekly. My back problem has all but disappeared and if I feel a little stiff and sore, then the class sorts it out straight away. It’s a really good workout and stretch and David and Caroline provide a very welcoming environment where they look after you. Highly recommended. 

Leanne, Giffnock

As I approach my 40’s I wanted to do some formal fitness rather than my usual running having visited various gyms I stumbled across these guys, they felt right for me. Sceptical as I was I decided to try PowerPlate, bloody hell it has got to be the hardest 25 mins ever but what amazing results I have found muscles that I didn’t even know I had but all in a 25 min session. It is a funny thing, you stand on the plate and do a load of different exercises like a normal person except you stand on a platform that gently vibrates and it really works!! What I find most amazing is how doing exercises with someone who knows how to get the best out of being in the correct position makes all the difference. Well done for putting up with my moaning and for pushing me on, I would never manage this on my own!! My running is even improving and I think my sore back too, from multiple pregnancies, is actually getting better…...surely not!! Is this possible!!?? 

Carole, Giffnock

I had a slipped disc from many years of bad exercise technique in classes. Working with David on a one to one basis has eliminated my back pain plus I’ve even dropped a dress size.

Avril, Whitecraigs

As someone who has trained regularly for years, I couldn’t believe how much better the results are training with David and Caroline.

Lesley, Muirend

 I feel better both physically and mentally. I notice the difference with other activities such as gardening, where toned muscles and a strengthened back avoid the strain that I used to suffer.

Eddie, Thorntonhall

 Prior to using your services I was overweight and unfit, but with the exercises you devised for me and your guidance on sensible eating, I have lost one and a half stones. I now feel much healthier and have more energy. Without your support I couldn’t have achieved this success.

Elaine, Clarkston

 I was on medication for osteoporosis before I started with David and now, after a mixture of weight training and Power Plate training, I no longer have to take the medication. Many things come and go in life but I won’t give up my personal training.

Alma, Thorntonhall

I’m in my 80’s and if you had suggested this to me a few years ago I would have thought it a mad idea, but David has built me up gradually and made a big difference to my strength and fitness. Little things like getting out of a low armchair or walking up stairs are so much easier now. 

Bob, Busby

When I started with David I’d never exercised before and now, in my mid 80’s, was finding that even walking in Rouken Glen was becoming harder and the aches and pains were increasing. Now, both the walking and the aches are easier all thanks to David’s exercise sessions. I would recommend this to everyone.

Freddie, Giffnock

 We’ve been doing Power Plate sessions since last year and are surprised at the increase in our strength and energy levels. Both of us have lost weight and feel great. We had a gym membership for years that we never used but it’s not easy to find an excuse to cancel a 25 minute appointment.

Steven and Deborah, Newton Mearns

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