TRX Classes

trx-classesTRX…All Core, all the time

TRX classes are a 30 minute high intensity, calorie burning, strength and cardio workout which targets your core muscles all the time. TRX allows you to move rapidly from one exercise to the next plus you can easily adjust the intensity during an exercise to match your fitness level. By motivating and monitoring you constantly whether you’re a beginner, intermediate or advanced, you will always be performing to your own personal fitness limit.

How do our TRX classes work?

Our TRX classes are totally different from ordinary fitness classes, they’re actually a Small Group Personal Training session that any individual can join in, but by appointment only. This will give you all the advantages of lots of personal attention, ensuring you feel the maximum effect from every single exercise and helping you achieve the body you desire much faster.

Ordinary Classes

  • 10, 20, 30 people with 1 Instructor
  • Always uncertain if you’re doing an
    exercise correctly?
  • Pushing too hard or not enough?
  • General encouragement
  • Nobody notices if you don’t turn up

Our Classes

  • Maximum of 4 people per class
  • Individual attention ensuring correct
    technique all the time
  • Effort  matched to your fitness level
  • Individual motivation
  • Exercise by appointment only


Correct technique, exercising at the right level and regular attendance will ensure that you see the results of your efforts as quickly as possible plus our clients tell us that having to make an appointment for each class makes them turn up even if they don’t really feel like it!

Please watch this video

TRX Suspension Training cannot be explained easily in words or even in still photos, so we have selected this particular video to help you gain a better understanding of how it can benefit all levels of fitness, how easy it is to move from one exercise to the other and how much fun it is to use.


To help you achieve the maximum effect and enjoyment from our TRX classes we invite everyone to make an appointment for a FREE trial where you will be taught how to adjust the difficulty of each exercise to suit your fitness level and the do’s and don’ts of this type of training. We don’t want you to feel lost when attending your first regular class and a trial session beforehand will give you the confidence that you know what you’re doing and make the whole experience far more enjoyable. The trial appointment is not a class and can be made for any time that one of us is available.

Prices and Timetable for TRX classes

Block of 10 Classes – £95

The current timetable reflects the demand we have at the moment but please ask if you would like another day or time. We then try to find others to come at that time and add the class to the timetable.

Class Times

Cancellation Policy

As our class numbers are so restricted it’s vital to let us know as far in advance as possible if you cannot attend your regular class. This allows us to try and find an alternative  for you plus we can offer your usual space to someone else who may need a change that week. Cancellation within 24 hours of the class will be charged at the full cost.

Book your free TRX trial now!

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