Weight Management

weight managementWeight management is a vital part of personal training for many of our clients and with our guidance and support we will help you towards a healthier lifestyle that can be adopted for the rest of your life, allowing you to maintain your target weight and put a stop to yo-yo dieting.

There are thousands of different diets on the market promising the “quick fix”, selling their own brand foods (often low fat but high in sugar), missing out food groups, offering countless choices and generally confusing the public. Watch a TV programme or read any newspaper or magazine and you can almost be certain that today’s idea about food will be contradicted by tomorrow’s idea, all adding to the overall confusion.

We will remove that confusion!

  • We will analyse your current food intake
  • Help you step by step to a healthier diet
  • Teach you how to read and understand food labels
  • We can even come with you round the supermarket to help you make the right food choices
  • We can give you quick and healthy recipes to try
  • Help you with food choices at restaurants
  • We are always available to offer support between sessions

Your weight loss can be tracked with our Body Composition Monitor which shows your Body Fat percentage, Bone Mass and even an indication of your Metabolic Age, but you will quickly see and feel the difference in how your clothes fit. Friends and family will start to see the difference too and, as you will be exercising as well as eating healthier, the changes happen much quicker than you expect.

When you are taking our one hour Personal Training sessions, weight management can be part of that whenever necessary. If you are using any of our other types of training we would need to arrange separate appointments to cover this important aspect of health and fitness.

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